„ If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. That is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

Henry David Thoreau


The Presidency of “Sports for Healthy Children” Foundation aims to create an institution where sports and the love of the English language are incorporated into the framework of our Pedagogical Programme as an integral part.  Continue>>


In addition to the academic programme, special attention is paid to adequate playtime in the classrooms or outdoors.

Our education system integrates academics into games, helping children in the process of development and education in all areas.


Establishing good recreation habits is a primary goal in our kindergarten. Striving to meet this goal we provide our children with special / well balanced meals, only wholesome food (poultry, fish, and wholegrain cereal) is on the menu.

The Kindergarten has an in-house kitchen and a qualified cook provides our children with their daily food needs.

Extra Month Programmes

2016.05.26 Graduation

2016.05.27 Children’s Day



Our Kindergarten follows the principles of Cambridge Budapest Language School, Methodology and Exam Centre for Young Learners, our educational material is based on the CAMBRIDGE English Language Education System. In addition to the Hungarian academic programme, children are involved in the international education system and the Cambridge level-based education system as well.  

Our international programme is based on English language communication with the objective to grant our students English language vocabulary and speaking skills appropriate for their age.

Our English language academic programme is level-based; by the end of kindergarten (6 years) children may enrol in the course preparing them for the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests and take the final exam organised by Cambridge Budapest Language School.

Our English language teaching methods – in addition to the existing pedagogy programme – are purpose-based and our educational material is presented by native English teachers.

All kindergarten children will be supplied with the appropriate level Cambridge English kindergarten package containing the training material and a CD.

Using them at home lets parents follow and guide their children’s English language development.

Following the standards of the Cambridge education system, wearing school uniform is mandatory.