Education year 2023/24

Due to Covid19 pandemic, this year Cambridge English Sports Kindergarten Enrolment 2021/22 will be organised by electronic form for every prospective kindergarteners.

We have multiple oversubscription every year in our institution, but the admitted children’s number is limited.

Choosing a kindergarten means a common trust between parents and the kindergarten, so we pay special attention on getting to know children, and their families. It is also very important for you (as parents) to obtain information about our kindergarten and programmes before the enrolment, to make a great decision, and choose the best institution for your children.

This year we would like to introduce our institution – including our daily life, pedagogical-, educational- and sports programme –  with a presentation and some videos, so that you can get comprehensive information about our kindergarten.

To get more information about the prospective children, and their families, we provide an opportunity for the applicants: a registration form with related documentaries, that are voluntary.

The introduction materials (English and Hungarian version) can be viewed by the following link. You can also get an insight to our daily life on our Facebook-page.

Cambridge Presentation (English)

Cambridge Presentation (Hungarian)


Please attach the following documentaries for the enrolment:

  • Registration form
  • Privacy Statement
  • A photo about the child and the close family (can be a family photo)
  • Characterization of the child by the parents (please characterize your child: his/her characteristic features, strengths and weaknesses, favourite games…etc

Preliminary application:
By e-mail, to the following e-mail address: info@sportovi.hu

After the succesful application, we send you a confirmation e-mail in every case. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact us.

Budapest, 27.02. 2021.


English Sports Kindergarten