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The Kindergarten in South-Pest in situated in district XVIII, in a small family villa with 1800 nm2 green area supplied with modern, colourful playground equipment.

The Kindergarten was founded in September 2006; starting two groups in the first year, but as a result of the sudden and huge success and increasing needs, an extension had to be added in the summer of 2007.

In September 2007, we started the academic year with four groups, and after the initial success our kindergarten and its education programme was awarded “Outstanding International Education Institution”.

The floor area of the Kindergarten is 450 m2 with four classrooms on three storeys, equipped with a language lab, spacious changing rooms, a separate dining room and an IT corner.

Our classrooms are spacious, bright, and the equipment is age-appropriate. The English language lab is equipped with interactive boards and all devices necessary for audio and video materials – TV, DVD- CD players.

Our gym is equipped with wall bars, a mirror, stools, a trampoline, sponge mats and rhythmic gymnastics apparatus helping the trainers’ work and the children’s sports development.

The Kindergarten in South-Pest in situated in district XVIII, in a small family villa with 1800 m2 green area supplied with modern, colourful playground equipment.


Being a mother of three children I am perfectly aware of the hardships of taking children to training, ballet and language classes after eight hours of work, and then getting home worn and tired late at night. I’ve been there, with no one to help me, and although it was not easy, it was still worth it, as now I proudly look at my children growing into happy, well-balanced adults.

In today’s fast-paced world many talented children do not perform to their capacity because the parent is unable to take the child to various classes due to a busy schedule at work.

This motivated us to create a Foundation with the goal of introducing the love of sports at an early age; primarily creating an institution where children can play sports, learn languages, learn about healthy lifestyle and also play a lot; all within the Kindergarten hours. We tried – strictly complying with conditions and rules – to create a completely different kindergarten, where a child is as happy as at home in the family environment.

So much good have been said about sports. It improves the body’s immune system and strengthens the spirit. But few are aware that sports improve cognitive abilities and memory –they simply make us smarter. Either way, a smart person does sports to become even smarter.

Last but not least, in our age sports are considered powerful beyond their sphere, and a successful athlete is able to convey positive values to be followed by everyone.

We had special emphasis on selecting teachers, teacher assistants and nurses; we tried to select the best teachers at multi-level interviews by considering various factors so that the children will be educated by professionals who pedagogically are of the highest standards. Our teachers all have college degrees and a degree in teaching English language as well. Our native English teachers speak a comprehensible and clear language.

Our teachers have many years of professional experience and are open to sport as an individual lifestyle.

Teacher assistants and nurses with several years of professional experience and qualification help the educational work of the teachers. A Financial Officer takes care of the financial needs of the Kindergarten.

A Speech Therapist and a Child Psychologist assist our work on a contractual basis.

A paediatrician a paediatric nurse and a dentist check children’s development each month.
We ensure that all of our sports coaches have “Master Coach” qualification and several years of professional background as well as outstanding personal sports successes.

The ballet instructor received a “Ballet Master” degree in Russia; teaching classical ballet is based on rhythmic gymnastics, helping the instructor’s work.

The management and teachers of Cambridge English Sports Kindergarten believe that children growing up in calm, affectionate, serene and cheerful environment will grow up to be balanced, active and successful adults. The Kindergarten achieves the above goal by the staff’s attention, love and professionalism as well as by creating cosy, warm, clear design and playful, joyful atmosphere in the classroom.

Our education system integrates academics into games, ensuring the children’s continuous development. Our top priority pedagogical goal is to improve children’s confidence during their time in Kindergarten, to broaden their interests and help them gain a sense of achievement.

We place great and conscious emphasis on those areas of social and emotional development, which ensure children to succeed in school. Protection of the environment and healthy lifestyle education are integral parts of our educational programme.

Our education structure focuses on child-oriented and child-scaled pedagogy. Equal emphasis is placed on the children’s physical, mental and intellectual development.

The basis of our educational principles is that every young child is a unique and individual personality, deserving differentiated individual attention according to the pace of the child’s development.

The CAMBRIDGE English Sports Kindergarten meets these needs by employing a professional, patient and experienced staff of teachers and by the excellent children-teachers ratio.

We also believe that teachers and parents need to cooperate in nurturing children, therefore effective communication with parents is extremely important and we encourage their active participation in the life of the Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten provides children with meals four times a day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack). The children’s menu is cooked in the in-house kitchen by our qualified cook.

As a Sports Kindergarten, we pay special attention to the children’s nutrition, so they are only offered healthy food.  We serve them whole grain bread products, poultry, fish, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. These contain all ingredients and vitamins necessary for the physical development of children.

The vitamin bar offers the children fresh, raw fruits and vegetables on a self-service basis.

The children’s daily water intake is provided by natural water of Aquastella Ltd. from Csillaghegy, containing minerals essential for their physical and mental progress. The water-fountain can be used on a self-service basis.

  • homogeneous groups, groups of same-age children
  • international education, native English environment
  • international teachers speaking English
  • Hungarian pedagogy programme / international pedagogy programme (designed by CAMBRIDGE English Sports Kindergarten, based on annual and monthly projects)
  • CAMBRIDGE programme / education (preparatory courses for Young Learners Language Exam)
  • Cambridge uniforms
  • Daily developmental sessions
  • Pre-School group (teaching material designed by the Kindergarten)
  • training and preparation for international and bilingual schools
  • monthly newsletter, monthly programme table
  • IT education
  • rhythmic gymnastics and gymnastics youth training by master trainers
  • Russian ballet instructor
  • swimming and skating sports training
  • optional programs: mini stars (singing/voice training, education), wrestling, tennis, skiing, crafts, salt therapy
  • introducing recreation, special (healthy food) menu
  • in-house kitchen / cook
  • celebrating American and Hungarian holidays
  • cuisine for children
  • horticulture for children
  • home economics
  • preparation for traffic
  • twin kindergarten
  • monthly extra programs, cultural development
  • regular monthly excursions
  • birthdays, name days / gifts with Kindergarten logo
  • child transport available
  • external site:  Ceremonies (Christmas, graduation)
  • Parent-Teacher Ball, Foundation Ball
  • sports photos, daily photos, graduation photo boards
  • family days
  • paediatrician, dentist, psychologist
  • speech therapy

Open hours of CAMBRIDGE English Sports Kindergarten are scheduled to meet parents’ needs:

Monday – Friday
7.00 – 17.30

Our services include weekend day-care.

Full-board and professional care on demand.